CamSoda Offering Free Webcams to Super Bowl Football Players

January 30, 2020 CamSoda News


Camsoda Wanting to Help with Security of Super Bowl Players

Free porn for football players? No, just Camsoda wanting to help protect football players after multiple break-ins for players in the 2018 game and other past super bowls. The offer was extended to the two teams going to the Super bowl this year which are the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. TMZ reported saying: “it’s a security measure to ward off potential thieves. CamSoda’s thought is once the cams are installed, players can live stream the feed from their homes to monitor their property while they’re out of town — or have friends or family monitor the situation.” This offer is not for free porn or for the team members themselves to stream, just to know they’re homes are safe and protected.

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