CAM4’s Crew Participates Colombia’s ‘Red Rag’ Charity Drive


CAM4’s Global Customer Support crew Is Participating In “Red Flag” Charity Drive In Colombia

Cam site CAM4 and their team is participating in the ‘Red Rag’ charity drive in Colombia, distributing food and supplies to people in need. Residents in Colombia who are experiencing poverty are being urged to hang red rags in their windows as a signal they are in need, and with the global pandemic COVID-19, there are more and more red rags hanging meaning mass distress and a critical lack of resources.

CAM4 Rep Said: “The Colombia-based CAM4 team went above-and-beyond this week in response to the ‘Red Rag’ protests happening across the country,” “CAM4 heard about this and decided to act,” t “with staff from all over world funneling resources to the [crew] in Colombia, who then hit the streets to deliver much needed supplies.”

Donate to CAM4’s Red Rag Response ground crew in Colombia, by contacting

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