CAM4 Broadcaster Loyalty Program


CAM4 Adds A Broadcaster Loyalty Program

Camming site CAM4 adds a broadcast loyalty program, The program will reward broadcasters with up to 50% extra cash. Your total monthly earnings over $100 will receive a % cash bonus. Your % increases based on how much you earn and what time you broadcast. Broadcast after 4pm EST for up to 5% extra bonus cash! You can find the earnings to % conversion chart on the CAM4 blog post.


-You MUST “React” or comment on to the Intercom message that is sent out promoting this bonus or contact your account manager directly.

-MUST earn over $100

-MUST be 2257 approved

-IMPORTANT!! Swapping earnings / tips between broadcasters is NOT ALLOWED and will disqualify you from ALL future incentives.

More Information On CAM4

Interested in becoming a CAM4 webcam model? You can either signup here or learn more about the camming site by checking out the link below. CAM4 is a popular camming site with tons of great features. Although camming is the main focus, models can also make money from selling clips and running fanclubs. All genders and sexual orientations welcome and anyone 18+ can make money as a CAM4 webcam model.