Cam Models: Twitter Allowing Users To Limit Who Can Reply To Tweets

January 14, 2020 Social Media News

Twitter Change: Choose Who Can Reply To Tweets

Twitter, the adult-friendly social network of choice for camming models, has announced a very interesting new feature; the ability to pick and choose who can and can’t reply to comments. This announcement, dubbed “Conversation Participants” came by Twitter’s director of Product Management, during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The event took place in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Choose Reply Settings During Tweet Composing

With the new feature, tweets will have the ability to indicate who can reply to your tweets. The new settings will be as follows:

  • Global: Anyone can reply to your tweet
  • Group: Only those you follow and/or mention you in a tweet can reply
  • Panel: Only people you mention can reply
  • Statement: Block all replies


When The Changes Will Be Implemented

According to Twitter, the company will be “experimenting with the changes” in early 2020.


Can Cam Models Still Express Negative Sentiment Towards Sites?

In Camland history, there’s been very many examples where performers have expressed their negative sentiment towards site changes and other events via Twitter replies. This has been a major channel for models to express their opinions; both good and bad, over changes and other positions that sites have taken. This change could impact the voice performers have against sites when it comes to major updates, stances and other issues.


How Does This Impact Cam Models?

This also gives cam models more control over who can comment on their posts. This could solve the issues of trolls, doxxing and other issues plaguing social media. More control over whom can interact with tweets can help performers control their overall social media presence and help with moderation.

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