APAG board members sue parent union


APAG board members sue parent union IEAU and board member Phyllisha Anne

The feud between the Adult Performers Actors Guild (APAG) and their parent union, the International Entertainment Adult Union (IEAU), continues with a lawsuit filed by APAG board members Alana Evans, Ruby, and Kelly Pierce. The APAG leadership allege that the board members had been contracted in 2016 to provide “performer services on behalf of [APAG]”, and that IEAU is in breach of the contract, which was renewed in 2018, by failing to pay for goods and services rendered. Evans, Ruby, and Pierce are also suing for defamation with regards to a press release from March 2020, as well as a radio show appearance by IEAU executive Phyllisha Anne, that claimed that APAG and its board members were the subjects of a lawsuit filed by IEAU and Anne. Finally, the APAG board members claim that IEAU falsified union meeting minutes to “slander the plaintiffs”.

The four complaints made in the lawsuit could have potential damages in excess of $1 million, should the court find in favor of the plaintiffs.

APAG appears to be the only successful arm of the IEAU. The IEAU and its 2 other “child” unions–for strippers and adult film production crew–seem to register only 15 union members between them, while APAG alone had 67 registered members as of their 2019 Department of Labor filing. APAG also appears to have substantial assets, claimed in their 2019 report to be $216,016 against liabilities of $743, while the IEAU’s National Headquarters posted assets of $243 and liabilities of $7,200 in their 2019 report. When the IEAU announced the termination of APAG’s status in March, 2020, they stated that “[t]he IEAU has official [sic] filed and terminated APAG with the DOL, as well as filed lawsuit under the Supreme Court against Alana Evans, Ruby and Kelly Pierce, APAG’s former President, VP & Secretary to recover all of APAG’s assets totaling over $210,000.”

At the time of publication, Camland Podcast was unable to independently confirm that the lawsuit by Evans, Ruby, and Pierce against IEAU has been filed, though adult industry publication XBIZ claims to have seen a document showing that the lawsuit has been served. No evidence of a lawsuit filed by IEAU against Evans, Ruby, and Pierce, as the union had threatened in the letter terminating APAG, has been found by Camland Podcast.

All sex workers named in this article have been referred to by their chosen stage names. Camland Podcast has reviewed documents to confirm some of the details in this article that include the legal names of the parties involved, but we do not believe in “outing” sex workers in any way.