APAC posts letter in support of Black Lives Matter

APAC releases statement supporting Black Lives Matter, calling for industry change

The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee (APAC, not to be confused with APAG) has published a letter/statement outlining their commitment to fighting racism in the adult industry, and making clear that they support the Black Lives Matter movement. Already co-signed by over 100 performers, APAC invites any adult performer to read the full statement and co-sign it themseves.

From the statement:

By signing this letter, we commit to fighting racism inside and out of our own industry, in the following ways:

  • We will uplift and amplify BIPOC voices.
  • In matters involving race, we will center the voices of the minority group in question, and defer to their lived experience.
  • We will educate ourselves and one another on the history of racism in this country and the ways in which both media representation and the criminal justice system impact it.
  • We will not accept or offer extra pay for nonblack models to perform alongside black men. If a model has a “large penis rate” it will apply to nonblack men as well.
  • We will offer the same rates to black female performers as their white colleagues.
  • We will not participate in the creation of erotic media which depicts degrading stereotypes or denigrates Black people or Black Lives Matter.
  • We commit to informed consent of performers concerning the ways in which their race will be reflected in release titles and marketing.
  • We will use the term ‘interracial’ to describe scenes between all people of different racial identities and not just black men with nonblack women, and will give minorities the power to decide whether they would like that term used for their work at all.
  • When we have opportunities to recommend someone to fill a position, we will be sure to include BIPOC. Better yet, we can choose to only recommend BIPOC.
  • We will elevate BIPOC to positions of hiring and directorial power, and create opportunities for them to tell their own erotic stories in their own voice.
  • We stand behind Black Lives Matter protestors as they face further police violence while struggling to make their voices heard.

And we will say, without hesitation…
Black lives matter.