Ask Me Anything with Lydia Love (@GenericHoe)

Ask Me Anything with Lydia Love, May 12th 2020

Did you miss our interview with Lydia? No problem, we’ve got you covered! You can watch the interview or you can read what Lydia AKA @GenericHoe had to say during her Ask Me Anything with Webcam Startup!

Interview with Lydia Love:

Aerie: Hi everyone and welcome to the Camland Podcast powered by Webcam Startup. I’m Aerie Saunders, the CEO of Webcam Startup and the Camland Podcast. Today we’re doing an ask me anything. We’re bringing this segment back and I know it’s been gone for awhile but we have a very exciting guest here, and I think you guys will be very excited to get to know her a little more because she’s an award nominated and winning cam girl and just like a really nice cam girl and content creator. But I’ll stop introducing you. You introduce yourself.
Lydia: That just made me so happy, like you were seriously one of the first cam models that were nice to me when I first started out, and so I’ve always looked up to you, so to hear you say that about me, just like. Oh, I feel like you described me pretty well though. I’m Lydia love, I make clips, I cam all of that. Every part of the industry. Every time someone gets on here, they never know what to say. They’re like, um, I do the porn on the internet.
Aerie: All right, so we’ve got some questions prepared for Lydia and me knowing her, like pretty much since she started, I put some more like… personal ones in there. And then we’re also gonna open it up and let you guys ask questions. After I finish my whole blah, blah, blah. You know, I had put together a bunch of boring questions, guys. You know me. Everybody loves me. Okay, so Lydia. How long have you been in the adult industry and what inspired you to get started in the industry?
Lydia: Okay, so from the second I turned 18 I was doing some form of adult work. I’ve done every, I feel like I’ve done every part of the adult industry. You know, I’ve done it all, I’ve been a sugar baby, I’ve danced, I’ve cammed, everything. So as soon as I was 18, I knew it was what I wanted to do, but I kind of just dabbled in it. And then at the end of 2017 was when I just took the dive and quit my waitressing job and like started the industry fully, didn’t have any plan. Um, I followed cam models online and so I saw their life and from the outside looking in, I was like wow. They’re so pretty. They just get paid to be pretty every day and that I want that life. And so me being like honestly, 16 or 17 years old and following them, I was like, I want that. And so yeah, that’s what led me. I just, I followed people and was inspired by them before you even really knew what it was. I was pretty naive.
Aerie: I feel that I did the same thing. I logged on to Chaturbate and I clicked like the top five rooms and I was like, this is goals. This is every cam girl’s life. Yeah. And it’s like, oh baby. It is such an experience. All right, so now that you’ve been in the industry for awhile, what is the most important piece of information that you would share with someone who’s just getting started out that you wish that you knew before you got started?
Lydia: I feel like we just touched on this too. It’s basically like don’t underestimate the amount of work that it takes. Don’t be naive. Don’t, don’t compare yourself to other people. Because when I first started and I saw those established models that have been putting in work for years, and then I log on and I make $2 in my head, I’m like, well, I’m a failure or this isn’t meant for me. I should just quit, not thinking about how hard it is. So I guess just don’t be naive. Embrace how much hard work you’re about to put in and do it.
Aerie: And be willing to do it. So many people are like, I’m ready for easy money. And it’s not, I promise you, it’s not easy money.
Lydia: For some people it’s easy money, but even if it’s easy money to them, they’re still giving up stuff, you know? So even if they do, all of a sudden have this crazy popularity, well, they’re still giving you certain lifestyle choices, or they’re giving up family members and things like that. So it’s not easy for really anyone.
Aerie: Yeah. There’s always a product being traded of some sort. So even if you get instant success when you log on, which is like super rare. You’ve sacrificed a lot of privacy in that situation. Have you ever had any like privacy issues? Because I know you were like popular pretty early on as far as like when you got started.
Lydia: I feel like no, because I always been like a girl on the internet. It’s something I’ve always been, you know, someone on the internet. And so I feel like people have always known a lot about me and I never lost that part of my brand. So far I haven’t had any privacy issues, but I feel like I kind of expose myself. Like, what do you want to find out about me? I’ve probably posted about it.
Aerie: So true. You put it all out there, but it’s good. It’s respectable. I mean, I love that approach. So what was the first website you sold clips on, cammed on, and what made you want to sign up with them and would you recommend them to other models today?
Lydia: Okay, so the very first like first site, I ever joined… And I’m just going to say my opinion, I’m not speaking for anyone else, but I joined the site… what was it called, MyGirlFund? Is that what it’s called? I can like vaguely remember. Yes, that was 18 years old. I joined that site and it was like awful. Like they’re so scammy, like I don’t recommend it to anyone. I’m saying that you can form your own opinions, just don’t join that site. It’s trash. I don’t trust it. Um, and then after I realized that I started camming on Chaturbate, I was living in my uncle’s basement because I didn’t have anywhere to live. And so I signed up with them. Um, and yeah, joined Chaturbate and I made like $25. I thought that I was rich and this was the beginning of something new. Then I quit for a little bit. So Chaturbate it was my first cam site. And then in 2017 in April, I was a dancer and I started hearing about OnlyFans. And so I joined OnlyFans in 2017, which is like, so weird to say because of how popular it is now. Then the end of 2017, I joined ManyVids. So Chaturbate, OnlyFans, and ManyVids were my first three sites that I really started to use. I would say to recommend them to people. I think that OnlyFans is having its issues with it’s gaining popularity and I would say get the money while the money’s there when it comes to OnlyFans. I like ManyVids, I love their team. So I would say join them.
Aerie: Yeah, I saw you just won the, uh, the first place prize for the Chaturbate video contest. Congratulations.
Lydia: It’s literally today, I think it was the first day that I haven’t cried about it yet and I bet you that I will cry by the end of the day about it.
Aerie: It’s so awesome how real you are with your work and stuff and how it actually like means a lot too. Because some people it’s kinda like, you know they care, but they kind of expect to win stuff. But I feel like you’re very surprised every time you win.
Lydia: I’m like, wait, what me? I feel like to some models that are more established, like maybe the prize money wouldn’t have done that much to them. But like I can honestly say, I know people think think that I’m some like rich cam model. No, I’m not. And so that money that I won genuinely changed my life. Like I feel like it gave me a ton of opportunities. I’m, I’m just so happy like that money is going to change my life. So really happy.
Aerie: I’m happy for you. And I love Chaturbate for doing that. That was a really cool contest that they did.
Lydia: I know. I was so surprised too. But I mean, I’m sure that they’re making a lot of money during this quarantine, so of course they’re going to want to give back.
Aerie: Yeah. They’re one of the few companies that usually like does give it back. They have an hourly contest to give away money and stuff. They’re pretty awesome. I started on there.
Lydia: Yeah, I love it. I’ve tried the other sites and it just never stuck with me. Like I tried MFC, nothing. On MFC like, I think it’s a great platform too, but it just, it didn’t feel like home to me. Like I feel like everyone has one site that feels like home. The other cam sites really didn’t. I always come back to Chaturbate since I was 18 and I’m 22 now, so I feel like that’s a sign to just start going hard at it.
Aerie: Yeah. They’re a great site, I mean, they have all the features every other site has all in one too, so as long as we can get viewers, they’re great. I love Chaturbate, I could dick suck Chaturbate all day. All right, so as someone who has worked with a few performers and attended many events, what are some tips that you can give our viewers about in person networking, and is it more beneficial than online networking?
Lydia: Okay. Um, I think it depends what path you want to go on in your career. If you plan on working with other people, then I feel like in person events are so beneficial because then you can get word of mouth, like oh, you want to work with this person? Well, “so and so said that Lydia’s cool. So I’ll shoot with her,” when I wouldn’t have had that opportunity if someone can’t vouch for me. But if you’re just doing like online stuff, not filming with other people, I would say it’s beneficial, but it’s not completely needed. I don’t want everyone to feel like they have to spend thousands of dollars to go to AVNs every year just to properly network. Because now I see all these like telegram groups and all these platforms where you can talk to other girls. I think for me, since I really like, I love the business part of the industry. I love like meeting company owners. I love knowing who I am making money for. So for me, I love it, but I don’t think that it’s needed for everyone. Just for me personally, I just want to get acquainted with all these people that run the sites and can possibly help my career. Um, yeah, I don’t think it’s completely needed, but I think it has definitely helped me because now I can go to events and meet people that I look up to and they’re like, “Oh, Hey, Lydia!”
Aerie: Do you have a favorite event that you’ve gone to so far?
Lydia: I’ve gone to a lot. I think in 2018 I went to like four different things, and then I just chilled out. But every year I go to AVNs and every year I love it. I feel like people have different opinions, but I think the AVNs is what you make it. If you go into it expecting to make a ton of money and do a ton of shoots, it might not happen like that. Because everyone bails and there’s a lot going on. But I view it for networking, meeting fans, meeting other models. And so, yeah, I think when I go into it with that mindset, it’s really, really fun.
Aerie: You’re making me want to go to AVN. Now you guys can compare. Like I’m the hermit that’s never gone to an event. And Lydia has gotten to a bunch of events. So I mean, you can do the stuff either way in the industry.
Lydia: You should go to AVNs. Like I have like severe social anxiety, which is so funny. Like people don’t believe me, but I do. And every event that I go to breaks me out of my shell even more. Like at first it’s just like ripping up bandaid off and it’s scary. And being around people just stresses me out. But now I’m able to go and recognize people and people recognize me and it feels nice cause I’ve made those friendships the last for years, so that’s awesome.
Aerie: I would need to bring my emotional support friend, which is Lilith. I’m sure you know who she is, I retweet her all the time.
Lydia: I brought Star, Star held my hand like the all the way and Mary Moody, we all just like cuddled and held hands and stuff and we were in it together, I thought it was adorable. So get a friend for the convention. I would tell everyone, don’t go alone first of all, cause like… creepy men. But if you have someone with you that you can just like decompress with at the end of the day, perfect. Awesome.
Aerie: So even if you’re a hermit, maybe consider trying it out, guys. If enough people say that they’re going and would recognize me, maybe I’ll go this coming here.
Lydia: Hangout with me. No one else matters.
Aerie: I need to fly into that time zone. Never left this one. All right. So for anyone who doesn’t know, Lydia is very popular online and not just in the sense where people look at her boobs, but she also has a pretty big social media following. So is there a method that you use to build your online presence and you feel like your adult persona is a reflection of you as a person or is Lydia a character?
Lydia: Okay. So when I first entered the industry, I had this big decision that I had to make where I could create a persona or I could just be me and add the sex, and I’m just me and I added the sex. I feel like people that know me in person know that I’m exactly the same. I might be a little more quiet like in person, but yeah, I feel like it’s just me. I don’t really have a persona. Of course I have days where I feel like shit and I’m not as positive as I am online. But yeah, it’s just me. I’m like this, I’m weird. I expose myself, like that’s just me in person. Um, I never really thought deeply about a method to like gain followers or create a following. I just always told myself like, if I am just myself and I lead with love, then the rest will come. So yeah, that’s been my method. I’m just me and I’m just posting what I think.
Aerie: Got it. You’re so funny too, as someone who’s followed you for a long time now, especially like, I want to say a year and a half ago there was like “Hot Lydia Takes” and those were always the best to look out for because you are so honest on social media and I love it.
Lydia: I feel like now maybe I think more before I post just a little more slightly. And so you won’t see me like dragging certain things as much.
Aerie: That’s great. So if you want honest takes, Lydia is here for them and she will provide them. And she also posts really funny stuff. Like I remember you making fun of Justin Bieber’s conjunctivitis posts.
Lydia: I like always end up on BuzzFeed. And I’m like, thanks for the promotion, sweetie.
Aerie: As long as you put that tag in there. All right. So do you have a preference for photos, videos, or live camming? And if so, why is that your preferred kind of content? Lydia: Let me think. I go into it in phases. So right now I’m really loving live camming for like the last week, which is not that long. But like I’m having so much fun on cam because I haven’t been doing it as much. I’ve been focusing on OnlyFans. So right now I’m like in a really big camming mood, but I don’t think I have one aspect that really sticks out to me. I’ve always loved OnlyFans, just being able to take a picture of my tits, upload it, and go on with my day. That’s amazing. Um, and then I had a phase where I really loved making clips and I was releasing a video like every day on ManyVids. I can rephrase. I don’t think I have one that stands out.
Aerie: Yeah. I feel that. I think every person, especially career people who do this like every single day, we’re just like, okay, I’m a cam girl this week.
Lydia: So guys, I’m live. What’s up? Sorry. I was gone for two months. It happens in phases.
Aerie: Wait until you start like doing like heavy fetish stuff. I’ve seen you do some dabbling into fetish stuff and posting like fetishy type tweets. But if you get super hard into that, then it’s just like a whole different world on top of clips and then you’re like, it’s a whole other job.
Lydia: I want to get into it cause it’s so funny because in my personal sex life, I’m so fucking kinky and like my content, I don’t think that it reflects that that much because there’s so much to like my sexuality and what I’m into that like it’s not in my content. And so maybe one day I’ll feel like exploring that and whatever. But for right now it’s like this little kept away side of me and I’ll just post crazy tweets about it every once in a while.
Aerie: I mean, Hey, you really capitalize on the girl next door thing. So if you can continue with that, I mean, do it until it doesn’t work anymore.
Lydia: Maybe eventually I can be the girl next door that like also the fucks men in the ass, you know?
Aerie: That’s good goals to have. Like I fucks with that goal. Hopefully one day. So a lot of people in the adult industry have a list of people who they used as an example when they got started. Can you tell us what people influenced you early on?
Lydia: So starting out, let me remember. It was definitely some MFC girls. I looked up to Sabrina Nelly. I feel like everyone that’s like around my age, Sabrina Nelly was the blueprint. So like Sabrina Nelly, I’m going, gosh, who else did I follow? Ashe Marie, if you know who that is. Um, I followed Katie Kat when she was still on Chaturbate. So those girls were like, what got me into it, because their lives looked amazing. And then when I got into the industry, I became friends with Mary Moody and Destiny Diaz. And I feel like they really, really inspired me and having their friendship helped a lot. And then, um, my friend Star, she helped a lot too.
Aerie: Destiny Diaz is the ManyVids blueprint, like when you think of ManyVids.
Lydia: Yeah. Yeah. I bought her help videos.
Aerie: I won a raffle for it and I like just skyrocketed into the top and I was like, okay. I don’t even know if like she taught me anything I didn’t know. She just taught me to like do it right.
Lydia: I know, she’s amazing and she’s so willing to help people. I fucking adore her.
Aerie: I adore her too. I love when models like want to help other models cause it’s just, it’s so nice. When you first get started it’s confusing as hell. Like I was like, do I post my titties on here? Where do I post my titties? How do I get followers here? Like it’s, it’s so crazy when I look back at myself, I’m like, God, I was such a baby. I knew nothing. It’s like, man, maybe if I did that right and I had a guide I could have worked off of, I would have made more money and been smarter about saving it.
Lydia: Ooh. Oh God. I was terrible at saving, especially when I was a dancer. I have none of that, honey. God, I was in high school when I started. Tell me why I dropped like Aerie:I started in high school and I spent a thousand dollars getting a prom dress and getting it altered because I was like, Ooh, I’m a cam girl.
Lydia: I started in high school too. I sometimes I upload the recordings of me in the basement from high school.
Aerie: Oh my God, I started in a basement too. Now we’re here. Yay. So as someone who’s worked with mainstream porn stars and is friends with quite a few, do you find that working with crossover stars has helped your career?
Lydia: Yes. Personally for me, I think it’s important to understand different parts of the industry and how they can benefit us. I hate this whole like cam girl / pornstar divide. I feel like it’s so unnecessary. And so I became friends with porn stars. Because I want to understand them. I want to understand what their struggles are. And as well as that, cross promotion is key. So porn fans, they might be different from cam fans, or they might not even really understand what camming is and they’re just huge fans of this porn star. And then they buy porn for the first time because they find you through that. So I think that it’s definitely helped my career. I don’t want to say I prefer to work with pro girls, but I do. Not for any other reason other than they’re just so professional. They’re amazing at, you know, performing. And so, yeah, I think it’s done a lot for my career. I think it’s helped me out and it’s helped me understand the industry much more.
Aerie: That’s awesome. Would you suggest like trying to book stars or do you think that just cross networking and like obviously if you have a big enough fan base that it would be mutually beneficial doing trade is a better way to go?
Lydia: Yeah. Okay. So as far as that what do you mean? Like paying their rate and then they work with you and then you own the content? (Aerie nods yes.) Okay. So that’s funny that you bring that up. So in like a few weeks, I’m launching my own site to sell my clips on like it’s going to be mine. And I’ve been considering that, but like, should I pay the girls rate so that I own the scene and it’s just exclusive to me or should we just do like a cross promotion thing? So that’s something that I’m going over in my head. Um, I think that either way you’re getting cross exposure because they, like, you see what porn girls retweet. Like they repost their scenes. They want people to see them. So I feel like it’s up to you. It’s kind of what you want to do. Yeah.
Aerie: Maybe if you’re less established, you could consider booking, especially if you’re going to events. Since everybody’s usually located around the events and stuff and people travel to them. So, Hey, everyone, consider working with mainstream porn stars.
Lydia: Also, I feel like it might be harder for newer models to just reach out to porn stars and the porn stars want to work with them. Like me, two and a half years ago, not a single porn girl would’ve worked with me, but now I’m like lucky enough where I can reach out and it’s beneficial to both of us. And so if they don’t view it as beneficial to both parties they might just prefer that you pay their rate. And that’s usually like a good way to go too, because then you don’t have to worry about all the rights issues and stuff like that.
Aerie: So depending on like what you’re filming for too, that can be majorly impacted and kind of change that decision. I don’t think I could ever work with a porn girl because they’re so professional. I’m such a fucking baby. It takes me like two hours to mentally prepare and get ready to do a scene. Like they would just want to leave.
Lydia: It’s fine. Like the girls that I’ve shot with, I consider acquaintances if not good friends. And so like we’ve always an hour before we hang out and just talk and gossip and whatever, and then afterwards, like go and get tacos. So since I know them, or at least I knew them through online, it was never such a professional thing, but it was just more like, okay, we shoot and we do this and this angle and so it’s not so chaotic. I don’t know. Like I learned from them. I learned poses from them. I didn’t even know what open to camera meant before I started working with porn girls.
Aerie: So. When you work with them, do you usually just do like self shooting with a tripod or do you have someone come shoot you guys?
Lydia: I had Star, she filmed me with Jill Cassidy, but I think every other one that I’ve shot is either a POV or we just set up the tripod. Now in the future, whenever I start shooting scenes for my site, I’m going to have my friend Ashley film them. But that’s like, because it’s going to be a more professional level than it was.
Aerie: That’s awesome. So you can do it yourself. My whole thing is like, I was trying to encourage people, like if you can do it yourself, you should. So like if you don’t have a camera man, cause camera men for porn specifically are very hard to find or if you don’t have a trustworthy friend to film for you, you know, I’m sure stuff that you filmed on a tripod sold just as great.
Lydia: I promise you. Like my first girl girl video did just fine and it was on a tripod and we had no lighting. It was just fine.
Aerie: All right, so summer slump is coming up. If it hasn’t already started, I’m pretty sure it starts like in June. But you know, everybody’s preparing for it, so it slows down for the whole industry. It’s a known thing. It has a whole brand name. So what helps motivate you to continue pushing forward during the slow times? Like summer slump or holidays or whenever it slows down for you?
Lydia: Yeah. Um, I just, I push myself and I keep trying and I try something new because I feel like if I allowed myself to just stop working and feel sorry for myself and just give up during that hard time, then I’ll get stuck in that mindset when things go back to normal. I feel like the people that are working hard during that time know it can be hard on mental health. Everyone has their own struggles, but if you are just completely giving up because of a short term slump, you don’t know what opportunities you’re missing after. And so I have to always tell myself that, and people will notice who’s working hard during the hard times. And personally for me, I don’t even let myself think about the slumps. Like I don’t, I don’t even put that in my mind. I’m not like, Oh no, I need to do this, this, and this, because the summer is going to be slow. Like, fuck no, this summer is going to be mine. I’m going to make it mine. If I’m making less money, that sucks. But like I’m doing business as usual.
Aerie: Yeah. That’s a good mindset to have. All right. So if someone was going to put five items into a summoning circle to summon you, what would they use and why?
Lydia: I love this question. Oh my gosh. Okay. Number one is a vibrator because it’s my best friend. Like I always pick one vibrator and I just use it until it dies. Um, what else? Let me think… Money. I love money. Hmm. I’ll say Acai Bowls because that’s my favorite food. Um, what else? Uh, a pretty girl, that would definitely get me to go. And, um, let me think of one more thing. I think Chipotle for sure.
Aerie: So basically just set up a porn scene and then have like complimentary snacks there, right? So coming to a summoning circle near you, all you need is some delicious food. So we talked about it a little bit, you aren’t very fetish heavy, but do you have a favorite fetish or niche that you cater to on camera and clips and how did you find it?
Lydia: Mmm, I feel like I don’t, I don’t know, like from the outside looking in. Do you think that I do? Because I’m trying to think and I feel like, I don’t know, like I’m into the whole like daddy, like kink thing, but like I don’t really do it that hard. Like in my personal life. Yeah. But like… I don’t think I have a specific one. I think I’m just like, girl next door. I want to be more like fetishy and fun, but I don’t know.
Aerie: I feel like you do a girlfriend experience pretty well. Like you’re very active and like could be somebody like internet girlfriend.
Lydia: That’s true. Because like I talk to my people on my OnlyFans all the time, like every day I’m checking my messages and so yeah, that does make sense. I actually agree with that. Like. This is weird, but since I was 16 I’ve had your internet girlfriend in my bio, and I didn’t even think about being a cam girl. I just thought it was like a funny thing. And so… I manifested that. I’m glad it caught on.
Aerie: That’s a good tagline. My thing is big tiddy e-waifu, yours is cuter… and shorter. All right, so your mom has been openly supportive about your career. I’ve seen her in your YouTube videos and there’s been like occasional posts that you’ve made about her. Do you think that the support from your mom has helped contribute to the confidence that you had in building a large scale adult industry career? Because you don’t feel like you have to hide it and stuff like that.
Lydia: Hmm. Let me think about that one because when I first started, um, adult work, it was because both of my parents weren’t talking to me cause I was in like a really crazy phase. So I definitely didn’t start because I knew I’d have support cause I really didn’t. But the support is nice. I don’t have a single person in my close personal life that doesn’t support me or that I’m hiding it from. Um, and I feel like that makes me very happy and it makes me feel really free. But I’ve always been the kind of person that’s like, either you’re with me or you’re against me, and that’s fine. Just like stay out of my life. And so I, yeah, I don’t, I don’t really invite that energy in for people to make me feel bad about it. And so I think it’s definitely helped my career and support. My mom is great, like being able to call her and tell her about things that are bothering me. And I have the same relationship with my dad too. So it’s, it’s really nice.
Aerie: That’s awesome. Do you feel like at any point, like when you transitioned back into talking to your parents, you felt a little more like confident and just getting online and not being like stressed out? Because I know a lot of people, like especially people watching this starting out feel like pressure from their family to do other things. So did that give you just like maybe even more confidence than just like… What’s a good word for it? Just like being satisfied with the path you chose, basically, because a lot of people second guess it. So did it give you that?
Lydia: I would say, I’m trying to think. So I didn’t really have like the privilege of telling my parents, um, right off the bat before I was even really like a cam girl. People in my hometown told my dad and so I didn’t really ever have to worry about being scared because before it was even serious, people took that from me and told him. And so I was just like, fuck it. He already knows. So let’s go. Um, and our relationship was rocky at the time, cause I was a really crazy teenager. I think that now they support me. It makes me feel really good. And my dad, he calls me all the time and he’ll randomly just start like 9:00 PM call me and be like, I am so sorry that I doubted you. Like I feel so bad for those years of your life. And so it feels really great to be able to call him and be like, I called him about the Chaturbate contest and he was like, I am so proud of you. Like, I’m so happy that you proved me wrong. And it just feels amazing. Like it feels great to hear those words because I never thought that I would.
Aerie: That’s great. I was gonna say like, how did you come out to them? But that sucks.
Lydia: Some people would like walk up to my dad, and like have my Twitter pulled up like you fucking weirdos. But my dad, he always defended me. He’s always like, yeah, and even when people do it now and he’s like, yeah, she tells me everything. She’s happy.
Aerie: That’s good that he defends you and stuff. Well, nobody here can give you tips on like coming out to your family guys, sorry. Maybe somebody else in the future. It makes a good point, this brings up privacy concerns. Make sure you come up with a good alter ego that can’t be found by people in your town. If you do decide to do it and don’t want them to tell your family things, you know.
Lydia: It’s so funny. Because I’d never really cared. I liked the excitement. Like I love being an exhibitionist, so I’m just like, yeah, guys, I can make it off the internet. I am a cam girl. Sign up under my referral link. Now all these girls from my hometown are making an OnlyFans, and I’m like, you guys have followed me for years and I took so much hate for you so you can do this now, so can you please set up with me? Like whatever gets your money, at least you’re not getting bullied.
Aerie: All right. So you were recently in a video with Anthony Padilla. I hope I said that right. I just watched the video the other day and I was like, I’m going to remember how to say his name. Right. So fingers crossed I did. Okay, so what was it like being in a mainstream YouTube video like that? And did you receive any backlash from participating in the video, or was the response mostly positive?
Lydia: Yeah, it was so much fun. Like I have like bad anxiety and I’m so glad that I pushed through and did it because it turned out so good. Um, and it was crazy cause he has like an actual set, like I went to like an actual studio and like the dad from full house walked by, it was so weird. Like I was not used to that atmosphere at all. Um, it was a lot of fun. Like I felt like he did a really good job at portraying the industry. I feel like he wasn’t creepy at all. Like everyone was so supportive. Um, and the response was really positive. A lot of people were like, Whoa! And actually I think he has a really cool following because a lot of them ended up subscribing to my OnlyFans. I didn’t get any negativity, honestly. And like I creeped on the comments. I didn’t see anything. I can’t even think of a single bad comment that I saw.
Aerie: That’s awesome. So I was going to say did it benefit your career at all, but if it got people to subscribe to your OnlyFans, I guess it did.
Lydia: It was like my best OnlyFans day ever. Like it was crazy.
Aerie: So would you recommend for people that have been in the industry a while and have good info to talk about, to collaborate with mainstream people like that? Like youtubers, gamers, anybody in the internet space?
Lydia: I would say make sure that their intentions are pure. Because, for example, Anthony , I wasn’t really familiar with his videos, but like my little sister watches him, and so I checked out his videos and I was like, I know that he’s going to portray the industry correctly. I know that he’s not going to exploit me, and he offered to pay for my time. So I’m like, yes, this is perfect. Obviously he respects me, um, but I get hit up all the time to do YouTube videos, podcasts. I just know that they just want some hot, stupid cam girl to talk about crazy fetishes that she deals with and it’s like. Fuck that no thank you. Like maybe the exposure would be cool, but no. So I would say you got to be careful who you align yourself with because I’ve been, you know, offered to do videos with this particular guy that has like 6 million followers, but he’s fucking awful. And I don’t want to ruin my brand like that and be known as one of his girls. It’s beneficial if the intentions are pure.
Aerie: So vet people you’re going to work with, that applies to mainstream people and performers, always vet performers, because unfortunately working with the wrong person can hinder your career, even if they’re also in the industry. Do your research. So is there a moment when you realized that the industry was for you?
Lydia: I think that I always knew, like, it’s not surprising to anyone in my life that this is what I do. Um, but yeah, I don’t know. I think going to my first AVNs, I was just like, this is where I belong. Like I was filled with this new energy and all these like-minded sexual people were rocking. It just felt so great. And so I feel like my first AVNs, cause that was like three months after I started taking making videos seriously that I went and I just felt so great. So I would say then, um, but I always knew that this is going to happen when I was like eight. I wanted to be in penthouse and Playboy when I grew up.
Aerie: I love that, Penthouse and PlayBoy, hit her up guys, if you’re watching. Is there any advice that you’d like to share with the adult industry workers that are watching right now? And it can be about anything. It can be about self image, about work, whatever you want.
Lydia: Um, I would say don’t give up when times get hard, unless it’s like seriously affecting your mental health because there’s going to be highs and lows. That’s the joys of being self employed. But if you work through those hard times, you’re going to come out even better. I would say try not to compare yourself to other people because I know when I was brand new, I struggled with seeing these girls that appeared to be even newer than I was in the industry posting that they’re making $20,000 a month and being like… Why am I not doing that? Like I must be doing something wrong… and you’re not, I promise you, you’re not, everyone has their own path in this industry and maybe your success just hasn’t come yet. Um, but yeah, don’t let other people define what success is to you. Make your own definition of it. That’s something that I really stand by. And also don’t push your own boundaries because I feel like nothing, absolutely nothing on this planet is worth your safety or sanity. So you do what makes you happy. That’s about it. Just be true to yourself.