Alice Langlois

Alice Langlois DivaTraffic COO

Alice Langlois has been hired as Chief Operating Office at DivaTraffic.

“We are proud to have Alice join our team as the COO. She has been a great supporter of our project since the beginning, and will add great value to our team in a very exciting time for the company. She will bring her management and marketing experience, specialist in branding and I’m sure about her abilities to drive DivaTraffic into success going forward” says Thomas Pedersen Founder and CEO of DivaTraffic

“I am joining DivaTraffic at the perfect time, as they have a lot of exciting new things to announce. I understand the responsibility Thomas Pedersen has given me, but also what a good opportunity it is for me” Alice said.

DivaTraffic is an ad tech company based in Norway, who specializes in providing marketing and traffic services for the live streaming market, and to offer live cam performers with tools and services to promote themselves and be more successful.

Alice can be reached by e-mail: and by skype: alice.alic374