Adult Sites Targeted by DDoS Attacks in 2019

February 7, 2020 Blog


Study Shows Adult Sites Were Target to DDoS Attacks in 2019

In a recent study by a leading cyber-security firm found that adult websites were targeted more than any other websites by DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks in 2019. DDoS attacks happen when a website is deliberately flooded with external communication requests, which makes it impossible to respond to any individual request, making the site unusable. The studies author said: “Perhaps unsurprisingly, given that it may be worth more to the U.S. economy than Netflix, the NBA or the NFL, we found that the adult industry was the most attacked by far,” “Every adult site we tracked over the course of the year experienced an average 84 attacks which, between May and December, equates to 10.5 attacks per site each month.”

More on the Attacks

The firm, Impreva, discovered the adult websites they followed received an average of 84 DDoS attacks in 2019. This surpasses the second most attacked industry, which was gaming, the gaming sites has less than 15 attacks or less than 20% on adult sites.

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