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The Camland Podcast was founded in November 2017 by Webcam Startup. The team over at Webcam Startup decided that the YouTube Live videos was the perfect way to discuss all the things happening in the industry, complete with live interaction. Back then it was just referred to as the “Webcam Startup Podcast”.

We quickly gained a reputation for our honest (and unapologetic) dialogue. While many of the other adult industry outlets are PR-driven, we brought in a lot of different opinions and discussed things without filters. The live interaction and social media elements only helped add to the brutal honesty.

The podcast has changed and evolved over time, with contributors coming and going and an overall change in the structure and functions. We’ve also featured a wide range of guest speakers from companies such as ManyVids, JustForFans, YNOT, SpankChain and more.

Camland Podcast is the continuation of the evolution of the podcast. It’s become a big enough thing to where it should be a standalone project. The separation from Webcam Startup also frees up the project to take on a larger and more diversified scope and scale, if that’s the direction it eventually goes in.


Our Team


Nathan Hammond – Owner and Webmaster

Nathan has a strong marketing background, primarily dealing in direct mail and search engine optimization. Nathan got his start as a solution-provider working direct mail in the family print-shop. During that time, he learned SEO while implementing a blogging strategy on behalf of the print shop. That led to a career as an SEO, working on behalf of agencies, in-house with various companies and as a freelance. Nathan eventually quit the agency and fired the freelance clients to pursue affiliate marketing.

Contact: Nathan@webcamstartup.com


Aerie Saunders – Communications / Creative Director / Contributor

Aerie has been active in the adult industry since 2015, and is well versed in all things cam and clip related. Since joining Webcam Startup in 2016, she has authored over 100 posts and helped many cam models and clip producers get started in the industry as well as assisted in piloting the Camland Podcast. Aerie got her start in the adult industry as a cam model, and quickly spread into all facets of adult industry work.

Contact: Aerie@webcamstartup.com
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Katy Churchill – Staff News Writer & Publisher / Contributor

Katy Churchill is a cammodel, fetish and vanilla clip producer, and phone sex operator who has been in the adult industry since 2013. Known for her honest opinions, her thought-provoking contributions to Webcam Startup have caused positive ripples within the adult industry as a whole. Katy specializes in all things Skype, fetish, phone sex, and DIY solutions for expensive equipment and supplies. She is truly the model’s model.

Contact: Katy can be reached via Twitter

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Roselynn Locks – Contributor

Roselynn Locks
Roselynn is “the Cadillac of Camgirls” and shares her vast knowledge of the industry through experience and well thought research. She covers a variety of topics that help every level of adult industry worker, new or experienced. Roselynn is educated on many fetishes and shares her niche knowledge with Webcam Startup.

Contact: Roselynn can be reached via Twitter
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Empress Mika – Contributor

Empress Mika
Mika is a cam model, clip producer, and all around FemDom expert. She shares her vast knowledge of all things kink with the audience of Webcam Startup, as well as on her own site DommeSource. She is also the Director of Artist Relations for iWantClips.

Contact: Mika@iwantglobal.com
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Alec Hardy – Contributor

Alec Hardy
Alec is a male cam model and clip artist who specializes in providing the male perspective on topics covered by Webcam Startup. He is the resident male toy expert of Webcam Startup, and provides helpful insight into fetish videos and cam shows as well as clips and how to produce them as a male performer.

Contact: Alec can be reached via Twitter
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Greg Busyman – Contributor

Greg Busyman
Greg is a male cam model on Cam4 and specializes in green screen shows. Greg is our only “faceless” model, and provides helpful insight and knowledge from the perspective of someone who does not show their face on camera. He is the resident Cam4 expert, as well as a frequent traveler who shares all of the fun insight from his many adventures.

Contact: Greg can be reached via Twitter
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