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The Camland Podcast was founded in November 2017 by Webcam Startup. The team over at Webcam Startup decided that the YouTube Live videos was the perfect way to discuss all the things happening in the industry, complete with live interaction. Back then it was just referred to as the “Webcam Startup Podcast”.

We quickly gained a reputation for our honest (and unapologetic) dialogue. While many of the other adult industry outlets are PR-driven, we brought in a lot of different opinions and discussed things without filters. The live interaction and social media elements only helped add to the brutal honesty.

The podcast has changed and evolved over time, with contributors coming and going and an overall change in the structure and functions. We’ve also featured a wide range of guest speakers from companies such as ManyVids, JustForFans, YNOT, SpankChain and more.

Camland Podcast is the continuation of the evolution of the podcast. It’s become a big enough thing to where it should be a standalone project. The separation from Webcam Startup also frees up the project to take on a larger and more diversified scope and scale, if that’s the direction it eventually goes in.


Contributor Bios Coming Soon!