2019 Recap with Aerie Saunders and Katy Churchill

2019 Webcam Startup / Camland Podcast Recap with Aerie and Katy

Another year of Webcam Startup and Camland Podcast brought hundreds of news stories and dozens of new tips and tricks articles, all designed to keep you up to date and working smarter, not harder. For this “Year in Review”-style video, Aerie took a look at the most popular pages in 2019, and Katy looked at some of the biggest stories and trends of the final year of the 2010s.

What Caught Your Eye in 2019

Tutorial: Make Money Selling Nude Photos and Videos (#2 most viewed): The most common question / request we receive at Webcam Startup is “Where can I sell my nudes?”. There’s plenty of places where you can sell your nudes and plenty of ways to go about it. Are you trying to make money off “selfie content”? Are you trying to sell full clips or videos? Depending on what you’re trying to do, different options might work better than others.

Become A Chaturbate Model and Make Money From Live Camming and Chaturbate Profile Design: Creating Custom Visual Bios (#7 and #10 most viewed): Chaturbate is a leading camming site with great traffic, percentages and features. Becoming a Chaturbate model is quick and easy. Anyone who’s eighteen years old or older, and has the required equipment, can make money performing live on Chaturbate. In addition to making money live on webcam, Chaturbate models can also make money from selling videos / galleries and through premium fanclub membership. Because Chaturbate allows models to use custom coding, the profile possibilities are just about endless!

Adult Webcam Jobs For Male and Gay Models (#14 most viewed): If you’re a man looking into getting started with camming, or looking for a site where you can sell your adult content, you’ve probably realized that not all networks accept male models. Some networks only hire female models and some only allow male models if it’s boy/girl content. If you are a male model looking at becoming a live webcam performer or trying to offer any other adult services, you’ve came to the right place!

Make Money Offering Adult Skype Shows (#15 most viewed): Skype shows are great for making money. Camming models can generally charge more for Skype shows because they’re outside of the network and more private. Camming models generally keep more of the profits as well, as they’re only being charged payment processing fees and not the current revenue-share of the camming network. Customers like Skype shows because it’s a little more private and intimate, as you’ve set the show up just for them. It’s a win for everybody.

How To Make Money Selling Feet Pics Online (#26 most viewed): Are you interested in getting paid from selling feet pics? Selling feet pics is something that’s regularly memed and joked about, but there is actually money for feet pics. The foot fetish is actually a really big fetish and there’s a lot of money to be made from selling foot photos, as well as videos.

Fetish Information For Camgirls / Pornstars (#27 most viewed): This is a list of all the fetishes that we’ve got content up on for Webcam Startup. This list also contains links to each informational page on each fetish and information on how to do camming shows or produce clips catering to that fetish. Of course this isn’t a complete list, as the fetishes out there are without limit!

How To Make More Money On ManyVids (longest view time): Camgirl, clip producer and MV Star Aerie gives some tips on how to be the most successful ManyVids model possible. This video tutorial was designed for ManyVids newbies, but experienced performers can also gain some insight from these tips and suggestions.

Adult Clip Sites: Sell Videos, Photo Galleries and More! (#3 most viewed): Producing and selling your own homemade porn has never been easier. The rise of the clip sites have made it where anyone (18+) Can sign up and upload their own videos and photo galleries. The sites take care of all the sales and money is automatically added to your account. Use our site comparison table to see what clip sites are available and which ones are the highest paying.

Camming Sites Hiring Webcam Models: Compare Cam Sites! (#5 most viewed): Here’s our list of camming sites hiring models. If you’re just researching the industry, it’s highly recommended that you read our guide to becoming a webcam model first. Once you’re ready to choose a camming site, we’ve got the directory for you! Our directory makes it easy to compare all the various camming sites.

Adult Models: Guide To Selling Premium Snapchat Subscriptions (#1 most viewed): Snapchat is a popular messaging app, that not only works as a valuable promotional tool, but can easily turn into a brand new revenue stream. Not only a new revenue stream, but a residual one at that! This has been a game-changer for adult performers. You see camgirls, big-name pornstars and other adult models taking to Snapchat, and entire networks popping-up that make it easy to process payments.

The Stories and Trends We Followed in 2019

Porn Blocking/Age Verification: Australia Government Considers Age Verification For Porn Sites and UK Delays Implementation of Age Verification Laws: Kansas, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Poland all flirted with porn blocking or age verification to restrict access to adult content.

Snapchat “Sweeps” Take Toll on Private Accounts: If you’re an active Snapchat seller you are probably feeling the heat, if you haven’t already had an account deleted then you are one of the lucky ones. There seem to be some factors in common when accounts are being deleted, one of the biggest issues is the swipe up feature. When Snapchat first released the linking feature, it seemed like a blessing for the adult community since we constantly link to our pay sites and informational sites. As it turns out, Snapchat was using this feature to track what accounts were linking to, and began to flag accounts for linking to pornographic material.

Fanclubs Explode in Popularity: Running your own fanclub can be very profitable. the best thing about running your very own adult fanclub, is that is builds a residual income. That is because in order to keep accessing the content, customers have to keep paying the monthly subscription rates. There are platforms that specialize in running fanclubs, several paysite building platforms for models and camming and clip sites that have a fanclub functionality.

Sites Go SFW: Manyvids boosts SFW videos and IWantClips announces SFW site IWantSociety: Everyone is boosting safe for work (SFW) non-nude content that is social media friendly. A new trend, or just an attempt to fly under the radar of increasingly strict social media platforms?

Effects of Tumblr Porn Ban: Adult Node, Sharesome, MV Social: Several adult content friendly new social media platforms have sprouted up in the space left by the infamous Tumblr porn purge of December 2018. Only time will tell if any of them truly catch on.

SpankLive & Cosfans/Cliptopia Close: Every year cam and clip sites open and close. This year, SpankLive and Cosfans were among the casualties.

Payment Processor Drama: Circle Pay, ePayments, and Paypal: Another year, another handful of payment processors and payout providers ending their association with the adult industry, or–as in the case of Circle Pay–shutting down altogether. At this point, however, most sites have a plan in place to handle getting funds to their models and producers for this type of situation.

More Payout Options for Models: Manyvids and Streamate: While some sites struggled with payouts, Manyvids dropped their minimum from $100 to $50, and added crypto payments to help offset the huge fees and limited options available to international models. Streamate finally got with the 21st century and added Direct Deposit for US models.

California AB5: California Assembly Bill 5 has been passed and signed into law. The bill, which impacts the “Gig Economy”, is primarily targeting companies such as Uber and Lyft. California politicians are claiming that companies and employers are using contractors to avoid paying employment benefits. Although Uber and Lyft are the two companies in the cross-hairs, the law impacts everyone from free-lance developers to camming models.