2019 Flirty Awards Powered by Flirt4Free

2019 Flirty Awards

2019 Flirty Awards Powered by Flirt4Free

Camming site Flirt4Free ha announced their first ever Flirty Awards. The Flirty Awards will take place during the month of September, 2019 and recognizes the best performers on Flirt4Free. Winners will receive cash prizes, profile badges and exposure. Here’s all the details on the 1st ever Flirt4Free Flirty Awards.


How The Flirty Awards Work

With The Flirty Awards, Flirt4Free wanted to give their models and fans a thrilling way to engage before the long Flirt of the Year grind begins. From midnight (EST) on Monday, Sept. 16th to 11:59 PM on Sunday, Sept 29th, a Flirty Awards Ballot panel button will be available to customers in your room. From there, users can cast a free daily vote for you in any of the 12 Flirty categories (see below). The three guys and the three girls with the most votes in each category win!


Flirty Awards Categories

All models can compete in 12 Flirty Categories. While it’s possible to win multiple categories, it will be nearly impossible to win all of them. Flirt4Free recommends doing your best to drive customers to vote in the categories that best fit your strengths as a model!

NOTE: Categories marked with an * have a girls version and a guys version.

  • Best Flirt Ass
  • Best Flirt Smile
  • Best Flirt Dancer
  • Best Flirt Eyes
  • Funniest Flirt
  • Most Flexible Flirt/Best Flirt Muscles*
  • Best Flirt Body
  • Friendliest Flirt
  • Most Talented Flirt
  • Best Flirt Hair
  • Most Creative Flirt
  • Best Flirt Curves/Best Flirt Bulge*
  • Important Voting and Participation Info


How the Voting Works

Registered users can vote for an unlimited number of models once per contest day. Each free vote can be used to nominate a model in up to 3 categories. For example: your customer can visit your chatroom on Sept. 16th and vote for you for Funniest Flirt, Best Flirt Ass, and Best Flirt Dancer. To vote for you again, they must return on the next contest day. They can choose the same 3 categories or 3 different categories every time they vote!

  • Votes are cast from a model’s chatroom only
  • Models can not receive votes while offline
  • You must cam to receive votes. Models caught leaving empty rooms for extended periods of time will be disconnected from the Flirt4Free servers
  • There are no broadcasting requirements for models to receive votes other than being online to receive them
  • Cheating will not be tolerated. Flirt4Free will monitor voting closely. Anyone caught trying to circumvent the daily vote limit will be disqualified
  • Votes are not available for purchase


Flirty Awards Prizes

The three girls and three guys with the most votes in each category win $250, $150, and $100, respectively. 1st Place Winners will receive a “best in category” badge which will be displayed on their profile throughout Flirt of the Year. All three winners in every category can participate in a number of additional Multiplier Days during Flirt of the Year.


Oil Up / Sex School Auto-Win

During the Flirty Awards Contest, Flirt4Free also host two separate 3-day Auto-Wins! The Oil Up 3-Day Auto-Win will run from Sept. 16-18, and the Sex School Auto-Win will run from Sept. 26-28. Any model who earns at least 25K credits during either of these promos automatically wins $250. And if you reach the 50K Credit Threshold during either 3-day stretch, the bonus doubles to $500!

Models must broadcast on all 3 promotion days for a minimum of 10 total hours(excluding breaks and all non-show-types) and earn at least 5,000 credits per day to qualify.


More Information On Flirt4Free

Interested in becoming a Flirt4Free webcam model? You can either signup here or learn more about the platform by checking out the link below. Flirt4Free is a popular camming site with tons of great features. All genders are welcome and anyone 18+ can make money camming on the site. In addition to camming, also get paid from VOD videos as well as from running a premium fanclub.